Devon Varoz (Editor-In-Chief) is a freelance writer, published author, and content consultant in Tucson, Arizona. Previously, he served as Student Editor of WRITlarge and as Editorial Assistant to The Denver Quarterly at the University of Denver. In all his work, he collaborates with professionals and students using a non-judgmental, Socratic approach to invention and revision. As Editor-In-Chief of PPE Review, Devon hopes to welcome and celebrate the emerging voices of thoughtful secondary students.

PPE Review
The PPE Review was established in 2015 to publish and appreciate outstanding research papers from secondary school students. The journal accepts research papers related to, but not limited to, topics such as philosophy, politics, economics, management, human rights, game theory, psychology, and much more.

The journal hopes to promote an interest in research and to encourage a cross-disciplinary approach to problem solving at an earlier age. The journal also strives to motivate secondary school instructors and students to collaborate on research projects and to learn about proper research methods.

If you have any questions about the journal, or you are interested in collaborating with us in any way, feel free to contact us at info@ppe-review.org.